Tabor Tools


In 1982 Tabor Tools was founded by Kibbutz Beit Rimon.

Our focus was on manufacturing products, which would offer years of performance and value for the professional customer and technical customer service.


Working with the horticultural industry, Tabor Tools developed a wide collection of professional pruning and picking hand tools, which are well known for their leading quality.

Through the years Tabor Tools entered into other markets and many additional tools were added to form a collection for all farming and gardening needs.


Today, our collection offers a complete solution of hand tools for such markets as horticultural, agricultural, viticultural, professional landscape, retail (DIY), and garden stores.


As you evaluate our products guide, you can begin with our famous professional drop forged steel orange, lemon and avocado pickers, followed by our professional forged aluminum pruner and rose picker, which offer highest quality.


We offer the tools in uniform appearance, and in colorful designs, which suit all the various markets needs.



                   Tel +972-4-6509626

                   Fax +972-4-6509646



                   Address: Kibbutz Beit Rimon 1795000,Israel


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